Autumn has arrived

Autumn is here at Hill Farm Juice and we are almost back in stock of our full range. We must apologise to all of our customers for our low stock levels over the summer. This year has been so successful we haven't been able to keep up with demand but fear not we are in the process of looking into new equipment to increase our stock productivity. We also have our fingers and toes crossed for 2018 to be a 'frost free' harvest,

Christmas time is almost here

We have only a few Hampshire Farmers' Markets left before Christmas. Make sure you pop down and see us and pick up a 3 bottle gift pack or buy a case of 12 and we will give you 4 gift packs to divide up for your friends and family.

Don't forget you can always order online. Our last ordering day before Christmas is Monday 20th December.

Goodbye Southsea Farmers' Market

We are very sorry to announce that we will not be returning to Southsea Farmers' Market in 2018. Please let us know where you would like us to stock and we will get in contact with them to supply. We will still be at Winchester and Romsey Farmers' Markets and will be at the Southsea Food Festival on he 15th July 2018.

250ml and 750ml Bottles

Do you know we now have 8 varieties in the small 250ml bottles and 13 in the large 750ml.

Cloudy is still a firm favourite in both sizes followed closely by Cox and Bramley in second.

Whats your favourite? We would love to know your favourite and if you mix anything to our juices. Lets us know via social media.

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