Half term fun

Its half term here in Hampshire and we are all getting ready to spend Halloween with our families.

At Juicy Towers its all go go go with production and we are starting to bring back lines that have been out of stock for a while!!!!!! While i type this Cox and Bramley is being bottled !! Now that it is back do we continue with Braeburn and Bramley???? Please get in contact and let us know your thoughts.

Pick Your Own Swanmore

This year Hill Farm Orchards hosted its first pick your own weekend in October. The farm used to hold pick your own but closed its doors in 1995 to concentrate on producing for the supermarkets. Sadly due to the frost we couldn't produce the exact requirements the supermarkets require so we tired this. What a success not only for the Orchards but for Hill Farm Juice who of course had a stall there. It was so wonderful to hear all the children playing and running around ( I am sure the parents were pleased that the children were worn out and would have slept well later!)

This will now be a yearly event so keep an eye on social media for the next dates.

250ml bottles of Juice

Our small 250ml bottles are perfect for on the go or for children. They come in

* Apple and Blackcurrent

* Cox and Bramley

* Cloudy

* Discovery

* Apple and Elderflower

* Apple and Ginger

* Pear and Apple

Check out the colour of the Apple and Blackcurrant. This was one that we decided to discontinue and due to public demand we brought it back

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