Harvest is here

Harvest is here at Hill Farm Orchards and we have been picking and pressing our delicious Apple Juice. As the orchards has been hit by the frost we are down to a 20% crop. As you can see in photo 3 the apples have frost rings on them, they still taste delicious but the supermarkets won’t take them as they do not conform to the perfect looking apple.

Sadly we wont be able to use all the apples and pears from the orchards so the farm is hosting a Pick Your Own Weekend 14th and 15th October 10.00-4.00pm. Keep an eye out on facebook for more information.

New Juice on the block!

We have been listening to what you, as the customer would like.

Trade customers have been asking for a single variety juice for a while now and we have decided as our Discovery is becoming a firm favourite with our customers we would take this one into the small 250ml bottles.

Glass over Plastic

We have been asked recently while doing the shows this year, why we use glass bottles over plastic? So, I thought I would let you know why.

Not only does glass NOT contain any harmful chemicals like BPA, polycarbonate and phthalates but you rarely see it in the sea and here at Hill Farm Juice we want to protect the fishes!

When glass is recycled it is turned into more glass. Sadly, we are not a large enough company for you to bring back your old bottles for us to re fill as we don't have the facilities to clean, remove the old labels, inspect for damages and contamination.

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