Summer is here

Great Taste Awards 2017

Congratulations to everyone who picked up a Great Taste Award. We are very excited to share with you all that we received one for our Cox Apple Juice

Harvest is here.

We are about to start Harvest next door at Hill Farm Orchards as the Discovery apples are ready! Thank goodness for that as we are out of stock of quite a few varieties.

Have a look at the frost rings on these Braeburns. Luckily the orchard weren't as badly affected as we were first anticipating. Still a reduced crop, but enough for us to juice!

We should be back in stock of everything by the end of October.

Summer is here

The summer holidays are here and it’s time to load up the car with everything including the kitchen sink and get away.

Did you know we do a 5l Bag-in-Box that will last 14 days from opening? Not only does it save taking lots of glass bottles away but it’s part of your five a day and has no added sugar. So, great for the kids.

Braeburn and Bramley

Due to the success of Braeburn and Bramley in the small 250ml bottles we have decided to launch it in the larger 750ml bottles. We would love to have your feedback so we can decide if this one will join our juicy family on a full-time basis. Please do get in contact and let us know.

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