It's that time of year again

Out of stock

We have reached that time of year when the stock room is starting to look bare. Please see below to what we are out of stock of and when we are expecting it to be back.

250ml Bottles

* Cox and Bramley- back in stock next season

* Apple and Ginger- back in stock end of July 2017

* Pear and Apple- back in stock next season

* Tickled Pink Limited Edition- back in stock next season

750ml Bottles

* Cox and Bramley- back in stock next season

* Apple and Elderflower- back in stock end of July 2017

* Apple, Damson and Sloe- back in stock next season

* Pear and Apple- back in stock next season

In stock

Exciting news we are bringing our new Braeburn and Bramley into the large 750ml bottles!!!! This is a great replacement for our Cox and Bramley until the next season.

Do you know you can try all of our juices at the Hampshire Farmers' Market?? We are at Winchester, Romsey and Southsea.

When is the next season

We start picking the apples from the Orchards towards the end of August. Discovery is one of the first varieties to be picked. The season will last a few months and is normally finished in November. Braeburn is the last to be picked.

The apples are hand picked from the trees and then taken to large cold store and controlled atmosphere unit. They are similar to giant fridges that keep the fruit cool and stop them from maturing. We keep them here until we are ready to squish.

Not just for drinking!

We are very excited that some of our wonderful suppliers are using our Apple Juice for something other than a drink!! Check out this photo sent from The Oxford Brasserie in Southampton. They are using our Pear and Apple juice as a Gel to accompany Scallops, Pressed Pork Belly, Black Pudding.

Marwell Hotel has also tried something new and has used our Cloudy Apple Juice to make jelly, which is served with scallops, ham hock, pork tapioca.

Please let us know via social media if you are trying something new with our Juices.

(Photo from The Oxford Brasserie)

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