Our Cloudy and Blended Juices.  Please see the product descriptions for more information.  Please note that mixed case orders must be in multiples of 24 bottles

Mixed 250ml Bottle

  • Orders must be in multiples of 24

    Cloudy Apple Juice: Made from a seasonal mix of apple varieties, this is perfect as a breakfast drink or, indeed, at any time of day.

    Cox & Bramley: A refreshing blend of tangy Bramley and fruity Cox.  This was our original juice and is still our most popular.  A winner of the English Apple Juice Competition at the National Fruit Show.  Medium Dry

    Discovery: Discovery is the very first apple of the season on the farm. Picked in mid-August, it has an aromatic and flowery flavour full of summer. Taste this juice and you are instantly transported to a warm and sunny, bee-buzzy orchard. Medium

    Apple & Blackcurrant: Cloudy apple juice pressed with tangy blackcurrants.  Medium

    Apple with Elderflower: This 2014 Great Taste Award winner is a delicious combination of farm picked apples and the heady aroma of elderflowers.  The elderflowers are picked and steeped in freshly pressed apple juice to give a truly refreshing taste.  For those who don't like Indian Tonic water, this is a great mixer with Gin!  Medium

    Apple with Ginger: Lovely Hampshire Apples pressed with a hint of freshly crushed root ginger, making a zippy and fruity drink.  Great for mulled apple juice and even better mixed with White Rum!  Medium

    Pear & Apple: This is made using Conference and Comice pears and we add a little Bramley to give it some bite.  Medium